Elective astrology- intro


We each life comes the moment when we want to start something new, and often feel better when you do, that our intentions to enjoy success and long-cherish dream to be filled. Sometimes we want to remain in operation without any progress – for example, our report is not submitted by the tax court.
This syllabus and the subsequent goal is to provide information to new astrologists about elective chart creation, interpretation and using in practice live.
About when to initiate some action, (initialized events), directly responsible elective astrology, which is helping us to choose the proper position of the planets in elective chart.
Events for which we are building elective charts can be widely diverse in nature – a new business opening, the entry into marriage, in conceiving, preparing a will, going a long journey, and other activities which you feel important.
This synopsis will give you the general rules of elective charts, but the subsequent articles provide information on specific aspects of made elective charts, which are:
1) business start-up;
2) marriage;
3) change of residence;
4) travel;
5) for large purchases;
6) vehicle purchase;
7) health improvement.
Elective chart general rules:
1) Elective chart calculated as natal card. To facilitate the preparation of the chart (may have to prepare a series of options) would be desirable to use a computer program;
2) Use only the emerging issues, particularly if used in the outgoing aspects, launched the case may be less effective without the actions in future;
3) Orb of aspects as such are not used, if the planet begins to develop theme, it immediately starts to work (as long as the planet does not change the sign);
4) Use only the classic major aspects;
5) The Moon is one of the primary factor in elective astrology:
a. Avoid moon squares;
b. Moon’s opposition to any of the planets can mean resistance to outstanding questions;
c. Quincunx aspect can be called a desire for a reorganization or restructuring;
d. New projects launch of a rising moon;
e. Avoid the “inefficient” monthly, unless you do not want the case to remain free of development;
6) Avoid Saturn in corner hauses (I, IV, VII, X), except when elective chart prepare a for construction, architecture, administration business;
7) Uranus, and Mars is also not desirable to place in corner houses , but the one for the special cases (Mars in corner houses is good to initiate an active program of physical training);
8) For I (ASC) and select the house tops mark, which is characterized by an event which is being prepared in elective map.
9) The sun, moon, Jupiter and Venus placed above the horizon;
10) The cardinal signs is a good start of a new case, which requires energy and initiative;
11) Fixed signs are recommended for activities which require sustained work, and should wait until the outcome of a definite time;
12) The mutable signs are dual, more flexible;
13) If you wish to start trade business, move the Mercury in a corner house or other strong position;
14) If you start art business, put Venus in strong positions;
15) The travel, select a strong and well aspected Jupiter’s position;
16) A strong Saturn, select cases where there is a need for discipline and organization;
17) Strong Uranium is a good legal issue;
18) Avoid retrograde Mercury, especially if have to sign a contract or take other actions in Mercury responsibility fields.
Setting up a business.
Once set up in business, is one of the most frequently asked questions, but also one of the most complex in nature, because each planet is responsible for a certain type of business and it is difficult to find the ideal location in elective matp.
Detail information about the planet, each responsible can be found in general books on astrology theory, but some ideas insight:
1. Jupiter is responsible for publishing;
2. Mercury is responsible for the bookstore, and physicians’ offices;
3. The moon is responsible for real estate agencies, restaurants, hotels;
4. Venus gives us information on gifts, women’s jewelry, brokerage firms, and entertainment places (including the fun from home);
5. Saturn is associated with the construction of deposits in banks and long-term storage of homeopathic pharmacies;
6. The sun provides information on casinos and jewelers shops (gem);
7. Uranium in turn responsible for the garages, airports, antique;
8. Mars is responsible for the weapons stores of weapons in general, bakeries, gymnastics drugs and tobacco shops;
9. Pluto helps us address issues that are associated with toilets, pest control products, gravestones, pornography.
Start of Business – any business begins with the moment when you think about the launch, for example, the store door opened, the first customer, the opening ribbon scission, the first toast. Only you choose the moment when to start the business and what this moment will be.
Starting a business begins with the moment when it is integrated into the company register.
In addition to the general introductory elective astrology provisions dealing with business must take into account some special features:
1. Moon is the primary luminary, who should be addressing the launch of new cases, including business.
2. Sun can be just as important as the moon, so the follow up to these two luminary would aspect well and adequately positioned.
3. Moon’s condition will remain the old – Avoid square, ineffective Monthly. If possible, initiate a new business in a month;
4. I house (ASC) describe you (if you’re a business starter), but the X house (MC) describe the same type of business;
5. MC planet – the manager is directly responsible for the business, so it must be in good condition, must be well aspect;
6. Avoid retrograde Venus and the planet, describing the business or MC . Retrograde Mercury can cause problems in the future, if there are documents to be signed;
7. Place the sun or the MC manager, describing the business objectives, such as to improve the reputation of the place the sun, or X, XII, house;
8. Preferably, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter must be above the horizon;
9. Saturn has a major impact on long-term projects are great, if it is a good aspected from the sun. tray avoid Saturn in corner houses, unless the business is directly related to the responsibility of Saturn existing platforms;
10. A rapid start-up business is important for the Sun and Jupiter would be in good terms;
12. Moon’s presence in a particular note and houses is very important, so pay extra attention to it, such as:
• Mon in Aries indicates the initiatives and quick action;
• Moon in Taurus mark is a good financial issues;
• Moon in Gemi mark providing support to publishing works, the issue of the magazine, but not so good practices, which require repetition and routine operations;
• Cancer and the Moon are plotted will deal with the restaurant opening, etc..
• Moon in Leo mark helps solve the business sphere, which is necessary for initiation of wasteful spending (advertising), clamorous presence, impact for the area;
• Mon in Virgo is a good mark exactly routine operations;
• Mon in Libra will mark a successful follower of cosmetic cabinet opening;
• Moon in Scorpio mark is a good mortician opening;
• Moon in Capricorn will make the public perceive as competent, reliable and serious undertaking;
• Moon in Aquarius is related to electricity;

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